Destroyed Aperture is a free community made modification for Portal 2.

Aperture Science Facility 7 is empty. Following the failure of the central core, the complex has been consumed by overgrowth and decay. With the exits sealed and communications disabled, David Grayling is trapped, helpless and alone, with no recollection of his past. But when he discovers a teleporter capable of transporting him to other Aperture facilities, he can't help but wonder if salvation lies ahead. Teaming up with a charming personality core named Neado, David steps through the teleporter into the unknown. What dark secrets will he find on the other side? Is he destined to die amid the ruins of Aperture, or can he find a way to escape? Will he ever regain his memories and discover the truth?


- Complete new campaign and story with 5 chapters.

- 20+ maps filled with puzzles and exploration with increasing difficulty.

- 30+ logic-based puzzles.

- New testing elements like "the Portable Button" and a secret bonus testing element.

- Custom soundtrack, voice lines, player and portal gun model.

- Professionally made environments and visuals.

- Steam Achievements.

Destroyed Aperture is currently planned to be released in 2019.

Destroyed Aperture is made by a small team Dayin Creations.

This mod will release for free on Steam and will only require you to own a copy of Portal 2 on your Steam account.

Destroyed Aperture

Destroyed Aperture has been in development for: