Featured by PCGamer, Development Update & ModDB Page

10.7.2018 - 18:20 (by aerond)

Hello everyone!

We are happily announcing that Destroyed Aperture has been featured on PCGamer and several other gaming news websites!

PCGamer Article (Link)

Other articles can be found on Google.

Regarding our development, we're now about 95% done with mapping process. After that the development should flow faster, release is getting close. :)

We're also preparing our official trailer for Destroyed Aperture that should come out during or shortly after summer.

As of now we're not announcing any specific release date, but we'll be sure to let you know on time!

We've also updated our ModDB page!

ModDB Page (Link)

Thank you.


Happy Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas!

24.12.2017 - 10:34 (by aerond)

Happy Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas, everyone!

This will be our last Christmas during Destroyed Aperture's development, but we sadly also have to say that we don't have any Christmas present this year. Regarding development: development is going great! We're still going and we don't have much left to do, but we do have the most difficult part of development coming up, we'll keep you updated. Thank you for being very patient!

We wish you Merry Christmas, enjoy the holiday! :)

-Destroyed Aperture Dev Team

Just to clear things up

18.11.2017 - 01:29 (by aerond)

We see a lot of people calling Destroyed Aperture dead. No, the game is not dead, we already have worked over 2.5 years on Destroyed Aperture, we have it greenlit, we have it on Steam, there's no reason for us to stop, and we won't! The plan for release is in in the beginning of 2018, if things don't go according to plan, the game will have a slight delay.

Destroyed Aperture is over 65% done.

Another thing we'd want to apologize for is not releasing any updates about the mod, that is our fault and we really do apologize. Expect more updates about us and our development.

We really want to thank you for your patience, it's been a long time waiting, but during that time of waiting, we, in fact, were working hard on Destroyed Aperture daily, and we still are!

-Destroyed Aperture Dev Team