What is Destroyed Aperture?

Destroyed Aperture is a free community-made mod for Portal 2.

Aperture Science Experimental Facility #7 is empty. Following the failure of the central core, the complex has been consumed by overgrowth and decay.

With the exits sealed and communications disabled, David Grayling is trapped, helpless and alone, with no recollection of his past. But when he discovers a teleporter capable of transporting him to other Aperture facilities, he can't help but wonder if salvation lies ahead. Teaming up with a charming personality core named Neado, David steps through the teleporter into the unknown. What dark secrets will he find on the other side?

Will he ever regain his memories and discover the truth?

Destroyed Aperture

New full-blown story campaign

Destroyed Aperture features a new 4-6 hour story campaign consisting of 5 chapters and 20+ maps filled with exploration and logic-based puzzles.

Destroyed Aperture

Logic-based puzzles

That's right! All puzzles are based on pure logical thinking, no precise timings or execution-based solutions.

Destroyed Aperture

New original soundtrack

Destroyed Aperture delivers a brand new original soundtrack to accompany you while exploring or solving puzzles!

Destroyed Aperture

New testing elements

Want to try something new? Destroyed Aperture introduces two new unique testing elements, the Portable Pedestal Button and the Portal Device Pedestal!

Destroyed Aperture

Custom in-game assets

Destroyed Aperture contains custom-made new in-game assets, such as a new Portal Device and several other models.

Destroyed Aperture

Steam Achievements

Destroyed Aperture offers 20+ new Steam Achievements to unlock, can you unlock them all?

Destroyed Aperture

Developer Commentary

Are you interested in the story behind Destroyed Aperture's development? If so, then you can play through the campaign again and listen to the developer commentary!

Destroyed Aperture

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