2019 Development Update

14/08/2019 (by aerond)

Hello everyone.

We apologise for being quiet for the past 8 months, but don't worry! That doesn't mean we've stopped the development, not at all!

We are dedicated, thus we still plan on finishing the mod and releasing it on Steam, and we always will.

So, what have we been up to?

In the past 8 months we've had difficulty trying to reach out to some of the developers and we're still trying, if we don't manage it, we'll have to use a so-called "Plan B", which will require us to look for new team members and will, most likely, take us significantly more time to finish the mod, but as said, we will definitely release it eventually.

The work from these developers is necessary for the mod, and it's what has been holding us back.

If we do end up taking our "Plan B", you could be the new team member if you have what it takes!

Who will we be looking for?

  • SFM Animator
  • Voice Actors
  • 3D Modellers (includes rigging)
  • ...and dedication

Note: We require a showcase of your previous work if you decide to apply.

The list may not be complete, we will make an announcement if "Plan B" becomes a reality with the full list of who we'll be looking for.

If you have any of these skills and you are volunteering to participate on this project, feel free to already send us an email at!

But, do note that, at this time, we don't guarantee you a place on the team.


Happy New Year!

31/12/2018 (by aerond)

Hello everyone!

We, the Destroyed Aperture Dev Team, wish you all a wonderful New Year.

Year 2019 will be the year where Destroyed Aperture will be in development for 4 years already, such a long time! We really hope to release Destroyed Aperture this year.

As a small update, some of you may have already noticed, but we've got a new logo made by our new graphic designer Zydrunas Cesnauskis that has recently joined our team! Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments. :)

Have a great New Year!

-aerond, Destroyed Aperture Lead Developer

Unfortunate News

03/12/2018 (by aerond)

Hello everyone.

We have unfortunate news that we're really sad to announce.

No, don't worry, the mod isn't dead, the mod isn't canceled, but we have to delay the release of Destroyed Aperture to year 2019.

Sorry if we disappoint anyone, but unfortunately a lot of the team members got in urgent real life situations which kept them busy for the last few months.

We were excited to release this Fall, but sometimes things don't go according to plan. We do believe that during the year 2019 we'll be able to finally release, after more than 4 years of development.

Again, we're sorry if we disappointed you, but we hope you understand.

Thank you.

-aerond, Destroyed Aperture Lead Developer

Featured by PCGamer, Development Update & ModDB Page

10/07/2018 (by aerond)

Hello everyone!

We are happily announcing that Destroyed Aperture has been featured on PCGamer and several other gaming news websites!

PCGamer Article (Link)

Other articles can be found on Google.

Regarding our development, we're now about 95% done with mapping process. After that the development should flow faster, release is getting close. :)

We're also preparing our official trailer for Destroyed Aperture that should come out during or shortly after summer.

As of now we're not announcing any specific release date, but we'll be sure to let you know on time!

We've also updated our ModDB page!

ModDB Page (Link)

Thank you.