Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the mod?

Destroyed Aperture is still in development, but once it's available, you can download it from the Steam Store!

Will the mod be free?

Yes, Destroyed Aperture will be available for free on the Steam Store. You only need to own Portal 2 in your Steam library.

Do I need to have Portal 2 installed to run this mod?

No, you don't need to have Portal 2 installed on your computer to run this mod, you just need to have a legitimate copy of Portal 2 in your Steam library as mentioned above.

Which operating systems will Destroyed Aperture support?

Destroyed Aperture will be available on Windows and Linux operating systems.

What are the system requirements for this mod?

The system requirements are mostly the same as Portal 2's, detailed requirements are listed on the information page.

How long will this mod be?

Total approximated play-time is 4-6 hours, depending on the skill of the player.

When will the mod be released?

We don't have an official release date for Destroyed Aperture yet.

Will the mod be available in X language?

For most languages, Destroyed Aperture will be translated voluntarily by the community post-release.
That means if the community decides to translate Destroyed Aperture to your language, the translation will then be added to the mod.

Some languages will be supported upon release and those will be announced before the release date is due.

Are you looking for translators?

We are not currently looking for any translators.

Are you looking for any new team members?

We are not explicitly looking for any new team members, but if you have a skill that you think would benefit the mod and would like to participate in the development of Destroyed Aperture then feel free to contact us on our email, we might consider taking your onboard!

Why are you releasing this mod on Steam and not on the Steam workshop?

Destroyed Aperture has way too much custom content along with a complete new campaign to be released on the Steam workshop.

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Are you planning on modding after Destroyed Aperture's release?

We can't answer that as we are not sure at the moment.

Will Destroyed Aperture contain PeTI (puzzlemaker)?

As of now, it's not 100% decided.
PeTI won't be available upon the mod's release, it may eventually come as an update after a few months since the mod's original release.